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tv   [untitled]    April 19, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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the grand imperial. torch was the coolest coromandel you can a little socialism good to see don't need to go a clear road as the colonel was hotel to retreat. this is our team moscow the top stories tonight from us a government of media conspiracy of lies the french divans know the truth about the conflicts they're involved in which threaten to ruin the country's international standing. game within a game are to explore the fighting in the middle east and north africa is actually part of american strategy to slow the rise of china. on a sick russian prisoners request for a mercy killing promise fresh debate about whether euthanasia could be legal. russian police say dozens of militants have been killed in security raids in the
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north caucuses over the past few months the region's been the main terrorist hub for more deadly attacks have been carried out nationwide while the head of the chechen republic ramzan kadyrov tells r t next what's being done to combat extremists. god did it thank you very much for having us here in church now but it was called thank you for coming in the last year but there have been many unconfirmed reports lately stating their help one of the men behind the bombing at the idea that what if what is dead. yes someone with you put your your i would only say that information was completely true if i saw his body or what i can say is that bold signs indicate that he should have been there if he wasn't in fact there when we attacked then we will have to keep on working and he has to be eliminated or thrown
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in jail by security agencies will work on not supported him unless he has any idea where he may be at the moment. has now because if i knew where he was i would be in the middle of a search and destroy operation right now rather than sitting here talking to the press little less without taking down the leader of a gang i mean essentially destroying the gang itself on a so called illegal armed groups aren't very organized and when the leader of the gang is kills the other gang leaders are usually happy if you know more of was there during our attack in the operation went well but in any case the operation was a big success i think it was because their spiritual leader was there we had a very good result and i think it was not there with his henchmen he will join them soon enough. they often hear about illegal armed groups being destroyed a number of attacks on policemen is not decreasing their level it seems like terrorist groups are rapidly increasing their numbers by your estimation how many
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terrorists are active in the north caucasus at the moment. the kurds are. in the middle of it i can't tell you about the entire caucasus because as far as chechens arkansas. there are about sixty to seventy active it in the soonest interest more about the tactics used by these bandits and those who attack your republic based in chechnya they travel from one republic throughout the whole caucasus. emitter. has proclaimed the caucasus a single emirate so they are popping up all over the region when we defeat them here they appear in english and vice versa. or what drives young men from the caucasus to join the armed groups. of. course it is something that no one understands i spoke to a man who was to become a suicide bomber to sacrifice his life then i asked why he wanted to do it or he
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didn't understand me i told him yes lamas encourage the chechen republic are you not allowed to build mosques or to take a hard are you banned from wearing the hijab. why do you come out and say i fight in the name of allah we are all muslims everything we do is for the good of muslim people and religion where i am an abiding muslim myself i live by the laws of islam which is what is happening between us you didn't answer me where you are most of the people who chose to become suicide bombers are mentally retarded they are ill usually blind or deaf they find these people completely disconnected from the outside world and use them that's the cause of what is happening in our republic the caucasus russia and all over the world. so doesn't have anything to deal with the notion that gang members are more socially secure a product of them. absolutely not it used to be true yes there are rumors circulating now about terrorists being paid in dollars nothing of the sort is
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happening they don't have any money they don't even have a place to stay they are always on the move never stopping at any place for a long time we can talk special operations to locate them but they are very hard to find especially now that there are a few of them left it is not because. they are so good at concealment they used to get a lot of support not so much these days. you've spoken out against negotiating with terrorists or as you put it criminals do you maintain that position to these day or the ferry system you know. group why negotiate what we have to talk about the russian authorities are doing everything for them to come and live peacefully we have all the agencies for that and we eagerly welcome them to come and give away their submachine guns give themselves up and then relevant agencies will deal with them not that you should really go see it with just imagine negotiating with each and every one thought that they killed a huge number of people that is why they are not scared to protect themselves they
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are now doing everything possible to attract young people so that they ensure their security that if they know that they have no future if we keep power to them they would not know what to do with this power funny indeed that therefore they had better apologize to the people of the chechen republic and russia to move and you would forgive them and if not a lock professional of course is for giving birth and we should be forgiving each other and in the sake of people for the right to go and pressure he would make them go to prison yes yes. and no and why if they understood everything good person says that he understood everything i don't think you should be taken to prison actually i'm against people being taken to prison. i'm not mistaken last summer and he said that sheria law is about russian legislation do you really think so don't worry i'm a phenomenal yes. yes i do being a muslim i'd rather die one hundred times than disobey sharia law i'm
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a believer it doesn't mean that sharia law does not allow a sort of people as we do today and serve russia one million percent of sharia law is more important for me in life and also reply somehow and al asiri is where when and how to apply them it's all. prescribed which therefore when people ask me if i am against polygamy i don't have the right to say that i'm against never in my life and i say this because a lot of you well what's your personal take on that and about what you see a lot of that i have no objection to it allows a lousy it how can i object to is could your of to object i am a deeply devout muslim and questions like this one seems strange to me but i would never say anything against hers if i did object i would cease to object everything got a lot. look at what our law says about it you have to be morally sound he wanted to treat all your wives the same if you follow all the rules that having a second and third wife is a thousand times as difficult as having a lover of this when they asked me what is more important to get your of i say of
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course that the laws of the show riot are more important we live in a secular state if the law permits us to live and work on observing the law as long as the law does not intrude on the rights of muslims if the law does intrude on your rights as a muslim you shouldn't fight you should leave the country or find a place where you fit in so i'm a believer who tries to follow the laws of his lovers well they. definitely a religious man but you're also a statesman which means you have to see sure paul to question the constitution should there be a borderline between them in a modern society. and that's a big problem with sharia law obliges us to protect the constitution of the russian federation and the constitution of the chechen republic and i think we should be carefully protecting the existing system i mean muslims and women who do you think it's possible to foster tolerance religious and ethnic in our society and in our country because according to the latest events we're far away from that as
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a possible and ethnically tolerant generation. of course yes why not how close that everything is being done for that in our republic for there is mutual understanding in all. spec's in terms of religion and ethnic origin mine we haven't had a single interethnic clash but we live in build our future treating everybody equally well but we give ethnic minorities an opportunity to prove their cultural heritage including their language and everything fell through. but when asked about tolerance and the latest events at nine years with the square. and i'm going to put it in a corner there was nothing interethnic about what happened on monday where just as in other countries somebody masterminded all this gathered people and wanted to stir them up against each other but i'm sure that we are incapable of it we've always stood together as good friends i'm sure the chechens will never go to money square or to any other square and we'll be just narrowing our entity we already saw
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this we saw what happened after rallies and what rallies bring about a theocracy and such with the russian constitution states any citizen of russia could become president of the russian federation keeping an eye on russian could ever become precious president clinton from portugal of course if the constitution says so why not so might get a muslim to come russian president but you want a more formal ceremony why not whose name is not a public enemy on the contrary if he's a believer if you hears god one you should be doing even more than any other person is just like a christian now i can't think of a suitable candidate where there is a system and most people russians would raising this question today with even inappropriate going to get inside an african american we become us president. probably that's why they are having problems now. so what do you think of. for them to put out a political machine on the for them or they are pursuing an incorrect policy regarding muslims personally the hanging of saddam hussein no matter what kind of
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person he was was an insult to all muslims they hung him in the former presidents on the muslim holiday with when obama came to power he started doing what he could but i personally think is that he had a chance he would have made a certain. but he's prevented from doing so as i see it if only for one last question you want to make checks near destination for tourists where you're at right now could you imagine an english couple kids visiting public for vacation. for. a couple of weeks ago i visited that region and there were painters who came there to do a practical course they were students i think they paint beautifully and i asked them if they liked the place and they told me the place was very beautiful and that everyone was very hospitable there are a lot of tourists coming here we have a very unusual place in the d.n.c. district a very beautiful place a lot of people are going to the airport there will be two tourist resorts there
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are actors performers officials common people here where you make the same thing keep your friends close and your and even closer. it's very bad if you have enemies how can i keep them close by or even closer if he is an enemy. if you have an enemy you should finish up with them i don't have enemies so i don't know where to keep them cool i have friends not enemies there is no such person who could sit down together with me and say i am your food here's what i don't like you always like to think you're just afraid if you. was there one of them i would be happy if they told me frankly what i did wrong to somebody personally with the man would at least have a chance to prove that it's not my fault and that they do not have a moral right to be against me or that is why i believe that i have no foes i have friends my dream is to make everybody who has a bad opinion of me learn that kind of person i really. know what kind of person are you really. very good person in all respects i try to be
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impartial if i do something wrong i apologize and i don't feel shy about it if a person lies i can tell him he's lying i live this life with the awareness. it may ended any moment but matters most is reputation and dignity to save human face get on ice and snow but thank you very much it will thank you for. a living in a country that don't understand that there's more violence in the streets of this country than there are in the streets in afghanistan or baghdad. one night in the spring become a brace of. good buzz or. mystery.
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from. around your there's room for young dumb in the streets of the city. we have seen the damage it has done to our environment mark chemicals with the four props we do not want any more new g.m.o. foods. our core system is just that was abysmal experience and i'm just i'm just appalled that that's allowed to go on. eating this unfortunately because we don't know what's in it there's no labeling there for it being used like on the board for the experiment being used as guinea pig. now we have more questions
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and we have had three guards. like. sitting on the headlines the government made me a conspiracy of lies the french to guard the truth about the conflicts that volved and which threaten really become international standard. again with a gay arctic spalled the fighting in the middle east and north africa is actually part of an american strategy to slow the rise of china. and the sick russian prisoners request for a mercy killing fresh debate about whether euthanasia should be legal. stories twenty four seven at r.t. dot com next locate say with a sports news to about a crunch night of football the talk of the english premier league see it next.
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hello welcome to the sports news and here are the headlines. tightening their grip once united aim to get nine points clear at the top of the english premier league with victory at newcastle. while the waiting game rock bottom spartak moscow will announce their new coach life state after the larry carbon steps down. to barcelona and real madrid prepared to do battle in top of the hour a final in the second for health process in eighteen days. is not all and rationality could tighten their grip on claiming a record nineteen english premier league title this tuesday night and went to newcastle would put their nine points clear of nearest rivals arsenal with five games to go united are looking to bounce back from their f.a. cup semifinal defeat to ranch the city on saturday on strike but wade really back along with jonny evans scholes is found all tense but it's newcastle are only six
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points above the relegation zone after losing last and build up manager alan pardew believes his side need one more wins to be safe with me it's tough trying to get that against united who haven't lost at st james's park on the ice a decade it just gets up there and score is probably real nail. one of wednesday if there's a place on are hoping for a third successive league win over arch rivals arsenal in the north london darby to boost their hopes of a top four finish spurs are just three points adrift of manchester city with a game in hand of a much inferior goal difference anything other than a win for the second place gunners would effectively kill off their title hopes their top manager harry redknapp isn't confident move to. be a great game again i'm sure you know it and. it wasn't going to be nearly jordan you know going to fall for all of us to roll over. to one i mean going to the emirates and sure we're free too. it was a great game for us as well so it would be a big game to rory
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a good story to talk to him. great for. well also on wednesday third place chelsea are eight points adrift of manchester united as they host a carling cup winners' birmingham alex mcleish is cited taking seven points from the last three league games to go five points appears the drop zone and they made their own plans after chelsea they also travel to liverpool on saturday. we're just going to try and get as many points as we can. and the next one's children. that we can take an image point of points then usually. also we are going to take a stab at them. while here in russia spartak moscow are set to announce their new coach within the next two days after larry karp in quit following a poor start to the season but he'll stay on at the club as general manager forty two year old decided enough was enough a spot slumped to the foot of the table after this two one defeat and on sunday
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tom's two one win it's our technology on monday night this captor toity days like our friend who'd also seen his side moves ten three one aggregate to porto you rate the quarterfinals topping became spot at manager back in two thousand and nine and lead them to fourth place last season former number of boss under a couple of is among the front runners to become his replacement before that scotland's last game in charge will be wednesday's russian cup quarter final attempt is to place close another. and is making his first appearance for spotlight for eleven years in that quarter final will be legendary in the field and later taken of course he will become the club's all of us there on the field players the eight time russian premier league champion is and national favorite and was twice voted the league's most valuable midfielder by the breast taken off says the match is important to him and is like stepping back ten years he adds he's fit enough to play at least forty five minutes and size the match could mark a change in fortunes for spots like. so perhaps
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a cup it really could kickstart spikes league season as they've only taken four points from five am so far however it hasn't been a bad week for everybody truong moved off the bottom of the table went top for the first time so let's have a look at all the action from week five it's goals galore. live .
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live live. live
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. so after all that week five action this is how the table looks there at the top still unbeaten and with the game in hand overs in it as well as better goal difference the three promoted teams are just a point further back valda also unbeaten cousin and can run one at the other end spark like their proper table and have poor points along with tom i'm card until stuff. all over in spain well madrid and barcelona will again do battle on
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wednesday in the second of their for meetings in eighteen days at the copyright final in volunteer railed against their three year silverware dragged by winning the match at the miss by a stadium which comes only four days after the teams drew one one at the burner back in the spanish league that result was there eight points clear of ray out with six games to go closer to winning their third successive title though it was a coach that guardiola taking nothing for granted. some of their work and we talked a little about what they did so it's in the last league going we know what they do to us but they could also use another strategy old throughout the season they played in many different ways and we've talked in the past few days about all of these possibilities but most of all we have insisted on what we need to do is play a good game and win the. game and finally two i saw the russian national team training session in the moscow region head of next week's european hockey tour and concerts it was out of respect for us. think
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a shell players have just finished but a lot he lives around from coach beach love week and now has to turn his attention to russia however he was absent from team training and choose the as well as notice a lot of players who will join the team later but before that his assistant he gives a hurricane rela session which was no trouble to the players we've been watching and eager to hearken and bitch slap pick of have always been a coaching unit so training wasn't really anything different and when the rest of our team is joining us everything will be just the same. among the players the training. and the clinical striker who thrushes offensive quick but he will only do that at the world championship which starts only build a twenty ninth the two time world champion who is saying the fifteen year deal worth one hundred million dollars with a new jersey devils has been given a wrist meanwhile the czech hockey games are the last stage of the folky two with russia leading the table with twenty one points who are ahead of sweden meaning the european title is all missing russian hands and it's all will be
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a good warm up for the world championship and a chance to see some new faces on the ice wearing the double eagle on their jurisich part of winning the year hockey tour is always good but first of all we consider it to be preparation head of the world championship i believe that was here in the team is very friendly guys coming through and our aim is to make it even more comfortable for them so they can get used to the national team however you gain a book of sports as a patient and tournament is doubtful due to some control difficulties with the new york islanders who still haven't given the thirty five year old goaltender permission to play for the national team you know i have no information about the current state of negotiations all the issues are being sold by the russian hockey federation several days ago everything seemed to be fine frankly i try not to fill my head thank you by the fact the first drops in the world championship only truly twenty ninth and team russia have only one aim as always the gold medal last year
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the double defending champions were beaten by the czechs in the final and will be desperate to get back in round they consider to be there because they might have a party. that's all small sneeze. close up to you has been to the chile of inspiration for the long lost secret of dumbest feel it's been discovered. now archie goes east of lake baikal where the longest russian railway line runs. through the sunday desert lies
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among siberian mountains. where people follow the same routes as hundreds of years ago. welcome to the trams by coming. russia close up on the arctic.
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wealthy british style. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial.


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